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Prince William Sound & Blackstone

Glacier Cruise

Our Alaska glacier cruises depart daily from Whittier Alaska and venture into the calm, protected waters of Prince William Sound. As the ship enters Blackstone Bay, you'll see the massive Blackstone and Beloit Glaciers looming in the distance. As we move in closer, the glaciers grow larger, towering 1,700 feet over our 100-foot vessel.


Rather than sailing from glacier to glacier, we stop at each one, floating among the icebergs, giving you plenty of time to take in Mother Nature's glorious ice sculptures. Listen to the glaciers as they groan and crack, an indication that enormous sections of ice are about to calve off and splash into the bay.

Tour Information


Operating Schedule
Depart Anchorage
9:45 am
Return Anchorage
9:15 pm


June 1 - Sepember 14, 2014



Child rates apply between the ages of 2 and 11. All prices are subject to change without notice. Taxes and insurance not included in above prices
Please contact us at: Info@railsnw.com
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Winter in Alaska!

Experience the rugged interior, cruise amongst glaciers, and enjoy some of the best wildlife viewing in North America aboard Alaska Railroad.


Lock in your Alaska adventure today to ensure finding space, as the train and lodges often book up early.

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