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Sierra Madre Express

Amazing train trips through Mexico's largest canyon
Sierra Madre Express
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The Sierra Madre Express

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When you visit Mexico's fabled Copper Canyon, traveling there on the Sierra Madre Express will assure the perfect vacation experience.

Join a select group of travelers who have the opportunity to learn about Mexico as few others do while experiencing the romance and nostalgia often associated with rail travel of years past. The entire staff is dedicated to passenger comfort and satisfaction. It is clear why many consider the Sierra Madre Express to be the "flagship" private rail carrier to Northern Mexico.

A large array of experiences awaits each guest who joins an excursion on the Sierra Madre Express. The lure of travel on fully restored and refurbished rail cars, which provide unparalleled vistas of the countryside, attract some. Others are enticed by the opportunity to visit charming inns and hotels located in picturesque settings, or by the chance to participate in unique and unusual activities that they are not likely to have been exposed to before. Finally, passengers are exposed to enriching cultural experiences.

Imagine viewing jagged canyons, waterfalls and a vast variety of flora and fauna. This describes the Copper Canyon, a region in northern Mexico that only became accessible after a railroad line was completed from Los Mochis to Chihuahua in 1961. For centuries this remote region has been the home of the Tarahumara Indians, an indigenous group that has managed to maintain many of its customs and traditions.

To many, the attraction of a nostalgic trip on a vintage train is quite evident. Peter M. Robbins founded the Sierra Madre Express in 1986 with this in mind. To date, he has gathered a fleet of five classic rail cars originally built in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Service on the Sierra Madre Express is reminiscent of rail travel of a bygone era. From offering gourmet meals to attentive room service, a trainmaster and a crew of six look after the passenger’s every need. In addition, an experienced bilingual escort accompanies every tour. Many guests have commented on the attention to detail that is evident in every aspect of an excursion on the Sierra Madre Express. It is truly an extraordinary travel experience.

When traveling to the majestic Copper Canyon, guests on the Sierra Madre Express can expect the best in "soft" adventure with a feeling of security, and experience some of the most spectacular vistas imaginable. In addition, they have the opportunity to visit a native village, purchase exquisite craft items, and stay in charming inns and hotels while they immerse themselves in the culture of the region.
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Sierra Madre Express
The Sierra Madre Express offers a travel experience reminiscent of the golden age of railroading. The fleet includes four sleeping cars and a domed dining and observation car. In addition, there are four other public areas. As the train travels past some of the most spectacular vistas imaginable, the traveler may choose any of these areas from which to view them. Additional information about the Sierra Madre Express can be found here.
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