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Pullman Rail Journeys
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Pullman Railroad

Carefully brought back to service and ardently detailed to be as historically accurate as possible, our classic Pullman Cars offer passengers the chance to rediscover the style, ambience and craftsmanship of the golden age of rail travel. Modern conveniences such as showers, wireless Internet access and power outlets have been carefully added to maximize comfort and enhance your experience.


And with classic American dining, an engaging social setting and first-class, personalized Pullman service, each iconic journey takes you back to a civilized, sophisticated era when getting to your destination was as much fun as arriving.


Chicago to New Orleans

or reverse


Price per Roomette or Bedroom

Each Direction

$495 per Roomette
$998 per Bedroom
$2494 per Bedroom





Operating Schedule




Depart Chicago
8:00 pm
Arrive New Orleans
3:32 pm



Depart New Orleans
1:45 pm
Arrive Chicago
9:00 am


Please note that schedules, prices and terms can change without notice. Round trip fares are double the one-way fares listed above. Cart will automatically price at the highest possible price, but your final price could be lower. Either way, we will email or call you before charging your card or locking in your reservation.


Please contact us at: Info@railsnw.com
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Being space is limited, you should call us today at 1-800-717-0108 to book your space on Pullman Rail Journeys.

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