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Garibaldi Steam Adventure
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Oregon Coast Crawler

Trip highlights
Only scheduled all day steam trips to Batterson in 2019.
Plenty of photo runbys, false starts and other fun stuff on the way to and from Batterson.
Breathtaking coastal, valley and river scenery.
Lunch, water and snacks will be served on-board.
Longer stops are planned this year in Wheeler and Rockaway Beach, for your added  enjoyment.
Route: Garibaldi - Wheeler - Batterson   - Rockaway - Garibaldi.

Trip Information

Welcome aboard! The one and only Oregon Coast Crawler will take you on a memorable eight hour journey of exploration and beautiful Oregon scenery, all by a vintage train powered by a historic steam locomotive.


Originating in the small fishing village of Garibaldi, we make a leisurely trip on the rails along the dramatic Northern Oregon Coastline affording fantastic panoramic views of both Tillamook and Nehalem Bays. Heading North, we pass through Rockaway Beach and stop at Wheeler to take on water, and an exciting runby or two.


You will have about 45 minutes to explore Wheeler before reboarding the Oregon Coast Crawler bound for Batterson. Enroute, we will cross the breathtaking Mohler Trestle. We hope to make at least two runbys on the trip from Wheeler to Batterson.


On the return trip to Garibaldi, we hope to stop in Rockaway for 45 minutes, allowing passengers to stretch their legs, explore the town, and possibly pick up some taffy or other tasty treats.


And for the first time ever, our train will likely be pulled by the Polson #2 steam locomotive. We will also be using an open air car for unparalleled views and enhanced enjoyment. In addition to the two indoor coaches and a baggage car that we will be running this year.


All passengers will have a guaranteed seat, in one of the enclosed cars.  A minimum of three photo runbys have been scheduled and more will be added as time permits.


The Oregon Coast Crawler is sure to please railfans, photographers, and anyone who wants to spend a relaxing day on the Oregon coast. Being this trip is limited to less than 120 passengers, we highly recommend making your reservations ASAP.


Feel free to email us if you have any questions, to:


Trip Dates

September 28 & 29


Depart Garibaldi
8:45 am
Arrive Wheeler
10:45 am
Depart Wheeler
11:20 pm
Arrive Batterson
1:00 pm
Depart Batterson 1:45 pm
Arrive Wheeler
2:30 pm
Depart Wheeler
2:45 pm
Arrive Rockaway
4:00 pm
Depart Rockaway
4:45 pm
Arrive Garibaldi
5:15 pm


Price per person
All Passengers (ages 8 & above)

Please contact us at:

Rail News & Updates
Garibaldi Steam Adventure

Come join us on this year's exciting and exclusive Oregon Coast Crawler from Garibaldi, Oregon to the magnificant Mohler Trestle, and beyond..


We will be making runbys and stops along the way.


Yet, the highlight will be the scenery; as this years adventure includes many miles of breathtaking coastline, beaches, forests, and peaceful meadows..

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